Machame Route

Machame Route 7-Days Itinerary 

  1. Duration: The journey to the Uhuru peak via the Machame route can take anywhere between 6-7 days to complete. Travellers looking to shorten the journey can skip the night spent in the Karanga Valley. 
  2. Location: The Machame route starts in the southern region of Mount Kilimanjaro, and can be accessed via a 45-minute drive from Moshi to the Machame Gate, where the trek starts.

Travelling from the south of Mount Kilimanjaro, the journey will see you wandering past impressive, verdant forests on the way to the Shira Plateau. Then, hikers will find themselves surrounded by the Southern Ice Field before eventually reaching the summit.

The journey will involve many ups and downs along the trail, but on the plus side, this allows for much greater acclimatisation which can mean a higher success rate in reaching the summit. Finally, the descent is made via the Mweka route.

You need complete confidence in your ability to trek for many days over difficult terrain. Extremes of altitude and weather may be encountered, as may the use of ice axes and crampons. A degree of physical and mental stamina will be essential to complete the hike as the days will be tiring. 

  • Difficulty rating: Challenging. 
  • Height: The Machame route reaches the summit of Kilimanjaro at the Uhuru peak, reaching a height of 5,895 metres (19,341 feet). 
  • Trail conditions: During your journey to the summit, you will travel through dense vegetation, rocky zones, and loose gravel trails in some parts. The route is incredibly scenic and provides hikers with panoramic views and varying landscapes.
  • Climbing requirements: There are no technical climbing requirements on this route.
1 Machame Gate 1,640m/ 5,380ft Machame Camp 2,850m/ 9,350ft 5-7 11km/ 7mi
2 Machame Camp 2,850m/ 9,350ft Shira 2 Camp 3,810m/ 12,500ft 4-6 5km/ 3mi
3 Shira 2 Camp 3,810m/ 12,500ft Lava Tower 4,630m/ 15,190ft 4-5 7km/ 4mi
  Lava Tower 4,630m/ 15,190ft Barranco Camp 3,976m/ 13,044ft 2-3 3km/ 2mi
4 Barranco Camp 3,976m/ 13,044ft Karanga Camp 3,995m/ 13,106ft 4-5 5km/ 3mi
5 Karanga Camp 3,995m/ 13,106ft Barafu Camp 4,673m/ 15,331ft 4-5 4km/ 2mi
6 Barafu Camp 4,673m/ 15,331ft Uhuru Peak 5,895m/ 19,341ft 7-8 5km/ 3mi
  Uhuru Peak 5,895m/ 19,341ft Mweka Camp 3,068m/ 10,065ft 4-6 12km/ 7mi
7 Mweka Camp 3,068m/ 10,065ft Mweka Gate 1,640m/ 5,380ft 3-4 10km/ 6mi