<center>Who is Mbogo?

Who is Mbogo?

Mbogo Tours and Travel welcomes you to visit Tanzania and enjoy its beauty while you make unforgetable memory of a lifetime.

Mbogo tours and travel is a local female Tanzanian owned tour company specializing in adventure travel in Tanzania. The company was founded by Stella Massawe, the managing director of the Company, who personally started as environmental trainer also as reservation while working and learning for some years. With the knowledge gained when organizing different tours for the visitors Stella decided to own her company.

I aknowledge that the success of the Climb or safari will highly depend on the staff, safari driver guides,,mountain guides,, chef  and porters with their knowledge and support one can enjoy what she/he expect to get ,I can guarantee this as I used to work with experienced guides who are trained and licenced and who knows the value of a client.